Wide range of choices.

Whether you'd like a skinfade, a taper, longtrim or you name it, we can do it.

We start with a thorough consultation so we have a clear image of the style you are looking for. 
Following your haircut, the barber will give your hair a wash and blow-dry. 

Then your hair will be styled and the barber will show you how to achieve the results at home.

We use a variety of great hairproducts which are also available for sale at the barbershop.


3 beard treatment options

  • Beard touch up, when you need a quick line-up of your beard contours

  • Beard shape up, when you need a trim and a fresh line-up

  • Beardtrim, when you want a complete and relaxing hot towel treatment

Beard products that are used are also available 
for sale at the barbershop.


For those who want to be clean shaven,
you can enjoy a traditional italian shave.

This will start with a pre shave followed by a steaming hot towel infused with a bit of peppermint oil to soften the hairs and open the pores.

Now a smooth shave with a straight razor is done to ensure the closest shave possible.

Post shave a cold towel will be used to close the pores again and clean the face of any shavingcream.

Finally the barber will apply a hydrating facial creme and an after shave cologne.
Leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised.